Cultivation & Manufacture

Drug cultivation is defined in North Carolina as growing, possessing, producing plants, or using scientific equipment and chemicals to create unlawful controlled substances. Drug cultivation charges can be brought upon a person if authorities find equipment to produce drugs, even if no drugs are actually found. Drug manufacturing occurs during the production of a controlled substance in a chemical laboratory or growing facility. Drug manufacturing is a more serious offense than possession, and can result in sentences ranging from probationary sentences to over a decade in prison. The types and quantity of controlled substances found by the authorities are factors in determining the individual’s penalties. In fact, sometimes the courts will allow property and assets to be seized if they are believed to be used in conjunction with drug cultivation.

If you find yourself involved with a drug cultivation or trafficking charge, don’t take matters lightly. Call Jason Wilson to discuss your rights, and develop a strategy to protect your interests.  Consultations on criminal charges are cost and risk free.

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