DMV Hearings

The North Carolina DMV can suspend your license without a hearing under several conditions. If your license has been revoked, you will get a chance to have a hearing to get your license reinstated. Having a lawyer attend this hearing will strengthen the possibility of you getting your license back. The different NC Department of Motor Vehicle proceedings consist of:

  • DWI Restoration Hearing
  • DWI/Breathalyzer Refusal Hearing
  • DMV Medical Review
  • Driving While License Revoked Hearing

Hearing for DWI Restoration

If you have been found guilty three times of DUI, your North Carolina driver’s license will be permanently revoked. In most circumstances, you can request a DWI Restoration Hearing after three years, which consists of two parts. First, the necessary documents demonstrating your qualifications for a DMV hearing are presented. Second, a hearing will be planned before a DMV Hearing Officer. At this hearing, you can provide witnesses to attest to your good character,  your sobriety and the fat you have honored the terms of your suspension by not driving on the streets and highways of North Carolina during the term of your suspension.

DWI Restoration Hearings are quite serious. Every person’s conditions are unique, and we want to understand your individual situation. We prepare your witnesses before the hearing to make sure we provide a comprehensive story of substance abuse treatment and accountable conduct. In this way, we can show the DMV that it is suitable for you to have your license reinstated.

Hearing for DWI Refusal

North Carolina laws state that your license will be suspended for up to one year if you willfully refuse to submit to the Intoxilyzer (breath alcohol testing instrument). Refusal to adhere to a breath analyzer will result in a one year suspension. In some situations, there may be a justification for why a breath analyzer was rejected. Fighting license suspension for breath analyzer refusal is challenging. We provide people with their alternatives and can stand up for you at a refusal hearing. If your license has been suspended for neglecting to take a breath analyzer, find out what actions you can take toward getting your license again, and reducing the harm to your criminal record.  Time is of the essence, you only have 10 days to respond to a letter from the DMV requesting a hearing on whether you willfully refused a breath test.

Hearing for DMV Medical

If your license has been suspended in North Carolina due to a scenario like a seizure problem, do not lose heart. North Carolina will allow you to ask the DMV for a medical evaluation hearing, where you will be given the opportunity to restore your driver’s license. We can help you take the actions necessary to show the DMV that you can be a secure and accountable driver. Having aggressive legal support at your medical review hearing can be paramount. We will work with your physicians, file the necessary documents, and stand up for you before the hearing.

If your license has been suspended for medical reasons, call us and speak with us about your alternatives. We can help you create a strategy for reacquiring your license in North Carolina that is secure for both you and other individuals on our roadways.

Hearing for Driving While License Revoked

Even though you can obtain restricted driving privileges after a conviction for DWI/DUI, in North Carolina there is no restricted driving privilege available to those found guilty of Driving While License Revoked if the revocation is based on a prior DWI conviction. Recently the NC Legislature has reconsidered limited driving privileges from those found guilty of this. This legislation is tedious and can be explained in your consultation. Call Jason Wilson to find out more about your eligibility for limited driving privilege or restoration of your license to drive.

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